Contemporary Southeastern Europe
Special Issue

The Other Side of Socialism: History and Cinematic Memory of Socialism

  • Nevena Daković
The aim of this paper is to explore the cinematic history and memory of socialism and broadly of Yugoslavia throughout XXth century as narrativised and represented in the films of Mila Turajlić Cinema Komunisto (2010) and The Other Side of Everything (Druga strana svega, 2017). Accordingly the cinematic texts are understood as: 1) the texts of cultural memory that construct the remembrance of the past and history of Yugoslavia; 2) as cinematic lieux de memoire or field of tensions of memory and history, textual and metatextual layers, fiction and faction; 3) as texts that brilliantly perform the turn from “film about history” to being a “memory-making film” while keeping the two facets. The two case studies are contextualized within the previous tradition of Yugoslav cinema as well as within the larger group of archive films made in 2010s.