How Refugees Transformed Polish Society During the Past Year (September 2021 – September 2022)

This work is devoted to exploring different political and social reactions to “refugee crises” occurring at Polish borders with Belarus and Ukraine and reverberating across the country. The research is based on media reports as well as a dozen of interviews conducted with people either affected by the “crisis” geographically or those engaged in humanitarian aid. The key motivation stems from contrasting behaviour of the Polish government and society towards both “crises” as if only Ukrainians were to be helped and not Asian or African refugees who came from the Belarussian side as often portrayed in European discourses. The article attempts to offer more comprehensive explanation than just the argument of racism and cultural distance.

Jakub Stepaniuk

Jakub Stepaniuk

Jakub Stepaniuk is a young researcher, student and social activist. After graduating from the University College London in summer 2021 where he studied Social Sciences of the Eastern Europe, he is currently at his master studies in Law and Politics of the Southeast Europe and International Relations at the Karl-Franzens Universität in Graz and University of Ljubljana. So far, he has lived, worked or studied in Poland, England, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Austria and Slovenia. Jakub is a huge enthusiast of foreign languages, studies of identity, nationalisms, migrations, regional geopolitics and human rights.


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