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We are firmly committed to the highest standards of academic publishing, such as rigorous double-blind peer review, and to making research accessible to a wide audience. Due to the rising cost of academic journals subscriptions, as well as the financial restraints on many libraries across Southeastern Europe (the key geographic focus of this journal), it is our objective to make high quality research widely available to researchers free of charge.

Contemporary Southeastern Europe is an interdisciplinary journal covering the recent past and the present in Southeastern Europe. We welcome contributions from a variety of disciplines, such as political science, history, law, sociology, economics, cultural studies, gender studies and anthropology, as well as interdisciplinary research.

In accord with the interdisciplinary scope of our journal, we encourage authors to write their texts in a manner that is accessible to different disciplines and to avoid excessive jargon. The geographical scope essentially includes the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, and Turkey. The journal particularly welcomes research that situates these countries in a broader inter- and transnational context. The contemporary focus of our journal ranges from the end of state socialism to the present day. Nonetheless, the journal strives to publish historical research too if it aids the understanding of current affairs. In addition to research articles, the journal publishes analyses of current events and elections.

All articles are published as soon as they have been peer-reviewed, edited, and proofread. The issue of "bottlenecks" that often occurs with conventional journals therefore does not apply to Contemporary Southeastern Europe.

About the Journal

CSE is a fully open access journal, all articles are available online and free of charge upon publication.

CSE is a fully open access journal, and that means that all articles - research articles, event analyses, election analyses, conceptual analyses and book review essays - are available on the journal homepage to all users upon publication.

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